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A web you trust is a web you make for yourself.

Judy Shapiro
Editor, The Trust Web

About this community:

All the new technology expands our horizons beyond what we could have imagined just a decade ago. Smart homes, smart devices and cars that can drive themselves provide a new way to experience our world.

But in the wonder, lurks new worlds of phishers and phantoms. In this world, it can be hard to know authentic voices from scammers and ID thieves. This community is meant to share experience about internet safety, internet security and maintaining your identity.

We want to power all us Judy Consumers to create a Trust Web of her very own. Imagine what we could do if we ran the world with trust.

About the editor:

Judy Shapiro's career has been characterized by her relentless pursuit of marketing momentum. Throughout her career, she consistently was first to explore leading edge marketing practices, for instance, championing integrating direct mail with in-store promotions and advertising, not a common practice at the time. She created new branding models through her creation of “Judy Consumer” to bring the voice of the consumer to AT&T and her award winning branding work for Lucent Technologies rewrote branding in its day. She then dedicated herself to understanding the latest in direct marketing and refining the marketing engine needed to launch new technologies in her work at Bell Labs New Ventures Group, CA and Comodo.

For the last three years, Judy has been actively creating new ways to use social media as a coordinated marketing discipline. This work has given her a pragmatic, practitioner’s perspective which she shares regularly in Ad Age’s DigitalNext column and in Social Media Today. Her articles are have appeared in CNN, Huffington Post, USAToday,Crain's, SocialMediaBiz, BusinessExchange (from Business Week), Revenue Magazine and Investor Village.